Conference 2.0
event community
conference 2.0 demo

Conference 2.0TM is the perfect
event solution

for any organization that wants to:

  • Increase attendee interaction and engagement
  • Enhance learning and knowledge sharing
  • Increase attendee satisfaction and repeat attendance
  • Measure attendee involvement and identify future leaders
    and speakers
  • Build an active community around their event

Conference 2.0TM combines online social technologies, session materials and marketing engagement methodologies to maximize networking and learning for your attendees, speakers and sponsors.

It's the social media solution to supercharge your event.

a better meeting experience

Bring more value to your attendees, speakers and sponsors by
improving their overall conference experience with a single conference community that lives before, during and after your event.

  • Help connect conference participants who have
    similar interests
  • Facilitate discussions between speakers and attendees
  • Keep participants engaged before, during and after the event
  • Allow participants to create a personalized online itinerary
    and a list of people to meet
  • Provide one place to access conference handouts and
    other content

why you need conference 2.0TM

  • Attendee satisfaction leads to greater attendance and increased renewals
  • Social media marketing buzz increases event awareness, attendance and earlier registrations
  • Sponsorship satisfaction leads to increased sponsor/exhibitor revenue and renewals
  • You learn more about your community, learn who your conference champions are and build better future events